The Mali Ston oyster is undoubtedly a top delicacy, it is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, so there is no end to creativity in its preparation. You can taste oysters in various combinations - breaded, fried, grilled, baked with cheese, in a refreshing soup or risotto, served with pasta or canape sandwich ... However, both gourmets and chefs will agree that oysters are the most delicious when prepared in the simplest way - freshly taken from the sea, raw, buried with just a few drops of lemon juice and served on ice. It is the most suitable as an appetizer and so it is most often served, and it is a proven good overture to the Ston gourmet rhapsody.

It is no secret that oysters are most delicious in mid-March, around the feast of St. Josip (March 19), when a party is held in her honor - the Day of the Oyster of Mali Ston. And it is a good opportunity to taste them in the most imaginative combinations, and round off the gourmet experience with a glass of sparkling red or white Pelješac wine, with which the oyster goes best.

To get to know this Ston delicacy even better, the hosts will be happy to take you on an organized boat trip from Mali Ston to the oyster farm. In doing so, they will reveal many interesting facts about this sea treasure, such as the fact that oysters have long been known as an aphrodisiac.


Although they are a bit in the shadow of the the famous oysters,  Ston delicacy are mussels, also inhabitants of the Mali Ston bay. In Ston's restaurants and taverns, you will eat a good brodetto - a dish of sea fish or seafood, and everything will be enriched by the famous grains of Ston salt and divine drops of olive oil.

And the sweet side of Ston is equally appealing. A real feast for the palate is the Ston macaroni cake ( Stonski makararuli)  while the moments in Ston will be sweetened by candied almonds and arancini and limuncini (candied orange and lemon zest), old delicacies from the Dubrovnik area. 



Cook macaroni in boiling water, cool. Grate chocolate and lemon. Add sugar, ground almonds and walnuts, vanilla sugar and cinnamon to the chocolate. Cut the butter in small squares. Beat the eggs slightly.
Make a dough from the flour, eggs, olive oil and salt. Let rest. Spread thinly with a roller to the shape that will cover the entire form.
Grease the form with olive oil and cover with a sheet of dough so that the surplus dough falls over the edges. Layer the macaroni, sprinkle with the chocolate, sugar, walnuts, almond, vanilla sugar and cinnamon mixture. Pour a beaten egg over and sprinkle with pieces of butter. Repeat for all layers to the top or until the mixture is used. Add butter pieces to the top of the dough with slight pressure so that the dough sinks into the filling in the form. The surface is covered with melted butter and baked at 180? C cca 45 minutes.

Remove cake from the form when it`s cooked and sprinkle it with sugar.

Pasta (macaroni) 0,50 kg
Crystal suger 0,40 kg
Dark chocolate  0,10 kg
Almonds 0,30 kg
Walnuts 0,20 kg
Butter 0,25 kg
Eggs 10 pcs
Vanilla suger 0,04 kg
Cinnamon 0,001 kg
Lemon 1 pc
Rum 0,05 l
Oil 0,05 l
Flour 0,40 kg
Eggs 2 pcs
Olive oil 0,05 l
Salt 0,004 kg


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