If you are a lover of historical tradition, pristine nature and superb cuisine, Pelješac peninsula is the ideal place for you!

The very beginning of the peninsula is the location of a little, magical place, Mali Ston, which is connected to Ston by the longest preserved stone wall in Europe (5.5 km). Bay of Mali Ston, known for its cultivation of shellfish, especially oysters and mussels, is an indispensable destination for true lovers of seafood delicacies. A boat ride to the oyster farms and tasting of this natural aphrodisiac straight from the sea, paired with a glass of fine wine from Pelješac, make this place a real gourmet jewel. For fans of high-quality and fresh fish dishes, our widely-known restaurants have their door always open. Only a kilometer away by car or walking along the walls (40 min), at the foot of hill Podzvizd, lies the medieval town of Ston, whose history dates as far back as the Dubrovnik Republic. Ston is rich with historical and cultural tradition, and the former value of Ston as the city of salt has been confirmed today in the plants of the oldest active saltworks in the world. The saltworks remained true to the tradition and a natural production method, which hasn't change since the era of antiquity. Only two kilometers away from Ston, surrounded by a thick pine forest and accessible beach for yachts and boats, is situated little village of Broce. One ride away down a winding road, only few kilometers long with a beautiful view of the sea, is situated one of the most stunning coves in the southern Adriatic Sea, the idyllic town of Kobaš. It is a true paradise for boaters and sailors, and its gastro-enological offer can be experienced in one of the three restaurants, located right by the sea.

Not far from Kobaš is a hidden peaceful oasis, the Pržina cove.  A long sandy beach offers a special treat without any bustle and noise. You can swim in a crystal clear sea and chill in the shadow of a pine forest surrounding this hidden cove.

Only a few kilometers north of Ston, in the bay of Mali Ston, are situated small villages- Zamaslina, Hodilje, Luka, Malo Selo and Duba Stonska . Those old fishing villages tell a century-old tale of love of a little man for the sea and his homeland, and they wish to transmit this story to all visitors. Tourists are offered accommodation in private homes and vacation houses.

As we go deeper into the inner part of Pelješac, three kilometers away from Ston we can find the beautiful cove Prapratno. Its long sandy beach, turquoise sea and a view of the Island of Mljet attract an increasing number of tourists. Its century-old olive groves situated only few meters away from the beach surround one of the most beautiful camps of this region.

By driving down the main road along the steep slopes of Pelješac, you can see kilometers of grapevines and olive trees. Their cultivation and a rich tradition are a testament to a century-old love of Pelješac inhabitants towards grapes, vine and olive oil. For an intense experience of the winery tradition, throughout the entire year, you can visit the wine cellars situated in small villages of Ponikve and Putnikovići, as well as at the newly established "House of Wine Tradition". On the coast of bay of Mali Ston, from Brijesta to Luka Dubrava, are ideal places for a family vacation in private accommodation and camps. These villages are known  for shellfish cultivation, and the little islands surrounding it are ideal for one-day excursions and sports fishing.

A place you simply must visit is also the beautiful cove Žuljana. Its unforgettable sunsets, natural beauty and the most exquisite sandy and gravel beaches will leave you breathless. Also, the crystal clear sea in this area is ideal for exploring the undersea, diving and fishing.

Wherever for its natural beauty, cultural heritage, a crystal clear sea or superb wine and cuisine, Ston region has a varietal offer which can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of guests. All these places offer an unforgettable experience of a rich historical and cultural tradition and hospitable local population. Their tales of pride and love for their homeland wait to be discovered, and once you visit this place, you will definitely want to come back again.

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