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Ston Summer 2019 -events
If you like gastronomic or wine festivals, folklore, music concerts or theater performances, sports events, go to the Ston Region and choose the content you want to enjoy and participate.

22.6. Međunarodni Festival puhačkih orkestara/ Festival of  orchestras  – Ston-21:00h

23.6. Festa uoči sv.Ivana/The celebration of St. Ivan – Žuljana-21:00h

24.6. Smotra folklora/  Folklor Feast  

25.6. Pelješka trpeza/Pelješac dinner – Drače- 21:00h

27.6 – 30.6. FFF Kinookus/ Gastro Film Food Festival Kinookus – Ston&Mali Ston

23.7. Festa Sv. Liberana/ The celebration of St. Liberan – Ston

26.7. Festa Sv. Ane/The celebration of St. Ana – Putnikovići 21:00 h

27.7. Ljetna stonska maškarata/  Summer Carneval– Ston -20:00h

3.8. Noć vina / Wine night -  Ston- 21:00h

10.8. Bila noć/Dancing music and entetaiment - Ston - 21:00

11.8. Klapsko večer/ Evening of accapela music – Ston-21:00h

14.8. Buzarijada – Placa Ston/ Mussels & Wine night - Ston square – Ston- 21:00h

15.8. Festa Velike Gospe/The celebration of Mary's Assumption Day – Ponikve-21:00

30.8. – 1.9. Festa od soli – Solana Ston /Festival of salt – Saltmind  Ston- 21:00h

2.9. Barokni festival Silete venti/Baroque festival – Fortress Kaštio- Ston-   21:00h

7.9. Klapsko večer/Evening of accapela music - Žuljana - 21:00h

22.9. Stonski maraton zidinama/ Ston wall marathon – Ston

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If you like gastronomic or wine festivals, folklore, music concerts or theater...
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