The Salt Festival is one of the most attractive events in Dalmatia and a great introduction to the most beautiful part of summer, when the crowds on Pelješac beaches subside and the sea is ideal for swimming.
From August 20 to September 20, the people of Pelješac and their guests will once again enjoy local specialties and widely known wines at festival prices.
About forty restaurants, konobas, wineries, family farms and shellfish farmers on the peninsula are involved this year wit two festival menus created at prices of HRK 150 and HRK 230, while wineries offer some wine labels at a discount of up to 20 percent off.
The biggest party in Ston
The centre of the festival is in Ston, known for the longest fortified walls after the Great Wall of China, the finest oysters and the Ston salt pan, which in the 14th century had an exceptional strategic and economic significance for the Republic of Dubrovnik, and today is one of the biggest tourist attractions on the Adriatic, where the method of production is not changed all seven centuries.
Tours of the salt pan and harvesting of salt flowers are organised as part of the Salt Festival, which has a rich program this year as well. In Ston, photography and art exhibitions, Art Park workshops for children, concerts, great entertainment and superb food and wine experiences await visitors, and from August 24 to 28 the traditional EKO PLACA with eco producers from all over Croatia.
To the festival via Pelješac Bridge 
“The Salt Festival, as a multimedia event, keeps its traditional schedule during August and September, which also marks the beginning of the post-season in the Ston region, with the emphasised goal of attracting as many visitors as possible, both local and foreign.
In accordance with sustainable tourism development, the Salt Festival affirms the existing capacities, comparative advantages of this area and traditional products, without endangering the environment and drawing attention to the wealth of heritage, both economic and cultural, emphasising the partnership of stakeholders of local administration, tourism, small producers, local population and visitors,” said Fani Slade, director of the Ston Tourist Board.
She adds that in addition to the project holders Solana Ston and the Amorette Association, as well as the strong support of the local administration of the Municipality of Ston and Ston Tourist Board, the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, since last year the tourist boards of the municipalities of Janjina, Orebić and Trpanj have also joined the organisation and on thus spread this beautiful festival story to the whole of Pelješac.
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