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The tourist road Pelješac wine empire will take you to every winery, agrotourism, shellfish, restaurants, to valuable examples of cultural heritage and introduce you with interesting events, customs and local souvenirs.

Taste top quality wine drops, discover the secret of the success of Pelješac wines, get the one that delights you the most and find out how wine on Pelješac has become a way of life.

Pelješac wines have positioned the entire Pelješac peninsula at the very top of the oenological scene of the world. The main star of this largest vineyard in the Croatian south is Plavac mali, a variety that has been planted on almost 90 percent of Pelješac's vineyards. Although the wine cellars are scattered throughout the rural part of Pelješac, you will experience one of the most beautiful Pelješac oenological stories in the wider area of ​​Ston. 

That is why Dubrovnik –Neretva County has laid out the first thematic tourist road on Pelješac and has named it after its most valuablče resource –the Empire of Wine.

The empire of Wine it will quide you to every wine tasting establishment ,to agro tourism,restaurants and shell-fishermem,to outstanding examples of our cultural heritage,ant it will acquaint you with interesting events,customs and native souvenirs.
Visit wineries and wine tasting establishments,agro tourism ,and excellent restaurants,bathe in a clean sea,see the cultural riches and sensations-experience Pelješac with you senses!


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