High hills and rugged country separate the above described area from the cove, Ponikve. Ponikve is sparsely settled with few hamlets and is situated on a northern hill slope above a large plain that is barely arable. Scattered gravemounds are proof of an Iliryan presence here. Animal husbandry was replaced by viticulture in the Middle Ages. These locations are first mentioned in the 12th century by Prince Miroslav in a deed to the Orthodox monastery at distant Lim. The expression "Metohija" was the customary name for a landowning area of this kind. Located in the cemetery is the small church of Sts Philip and Jacob with altar ceiling supports constructed in early Romanesque style. It is in harmony with the nearby small church of St George along the main road in Ledinić. This compact, well built church has a small bell tower with no light openings at the top of its facade - a mystical example of an exceptional medieval building.

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