Peljesac is known for its pebble and sandy beaches that can be found on its shores. The beaches are ideal for family vacations and perfect escape from hectic and everyday life. The sandy beach in Prapratno is widely known and attracts with its beauty - dense pine forest and views of the open sea.

Only two kilometers from Ston, surrounded by dense pine forest and accessible shore for yachts and boats is the small town of Broce, and a few kilometers further along a winding road with a beautiful view of the open sea, there is one of the most beautiful bays in the South Adriatic, idyllic Kobaš . Near Kobaš is a hidden oasis of peace, Pržina Bay.

The long sandy beach, provides a special pleasure without crowds and noise, you can swim in the clear sea and cool off in the shade of the dense pine forest that surrounds this hidden cove. One of the most beautiful beaches on the Pelješac peninsula are certainly the beaches in Žuljana. Vučine Bay is ideal for all lovers of untouched nature, crystal clear turquoise sea and unforgettable sunsets.



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