Ston City Walls

Start your tour by exploring the historical and cultural heritage of Ston by walking along the largest preserved fortification wall in Europe that will tell you a century-old story preserved in every stone, numerous towers and fortresses where you will surely stop and soak up the view of the rectangular streets, Ston saltworks and of the Ston field. If you decide to take a walk to Mali Ston (approx. 40 min), the view of the nature reserve Mali Ston Bay will surely "capture" you for a moment. Mali Ston Bay is the "home" of the best and freshest oysters in the world, which received its recognition in 2020 - European protection of the mark of origin. Don't miss a walk along the waterfront in Mali Ston, relax after a walk along the walls and try local specialties in one of the three restaurants or simply go on an adventure to the oyster farms with local shellfish producers and learn all about oyster farming. You will find the way back to Ston by following the kilometer-long promenade along the main road.

Ston saltworks

To complete your experience and get to know the true history of Ston, an unavoidable place to visit is the Ston saltworks, its history dates back to the distant times of the Republic of Dubrovnik, and its importance and value is confirmed today. The saltworks in Ston is the oldest active saltworks in the world, it has remained faithful to tradition and a natural way of production that has not changed since ancient times. Ston salt is a real souvenir that you should not miss to take with you.

EXPLORE STON FIELD- Educational recreational trail of Ston field "VINO" and "CENTURIATION"

If you are want to escape from reality, looking for a peaceful refuge and escape from hectic life, and you are eager for recreation and walks through nature, the educational and recreational trail "Vino" is an ideal place to explore. You will start the tour near the oldest and still active saltworks in the Mediterranean, walk along the centuries-old olive groves and enjoy the view of the endless vineyards of the famous Pelješac wine, Plavac Mali. A walk through the vineyards will eventually lead you to a sandy oasis, Prapratno bay, where you can take a swim in the turquoise blue sea, escape into the shade of a pine forest and relax in a beautiful view of the open sea.

For the terms of the Roman division of land, the Ston field is a small, but extremely important area rich in water sources, and on the edge of which salt has been exploited since prehistoric times. Numerous sacral buildings scattered throughout the field represent the most important archaeological heritage of the Ston field and their position is largely related to its ancient division. Namely, at the intersections of the main and secondary directions of division, border altars were erected in ancient times and churches were often built in later periods on the sites of the ancient cult. Ston field is an ideal place to explore, on the right side of the main road take a walk and get acquainted with the numerous sacral remains from distant history, and on the left through the "Vino" stop and soak up the greenery of Peljesac vineyards and centuries-old olive groves.

Napoleon's Road

The walk along Napoleon road starts along the Ston saltworks to Sumić bridge, where you will get the first information on the info board. For the next 2.5 hours you will enjoy natural and cultural sights, away from the busy everyday life. Napoleon's road in the municipality of Ston stretches to the village of Ponikve in the length of 7 km, the ascent is of medium difficulty and you can pass it by bike or on foot.

Hiking trails, St. John, Žuljana (470 m)

Hiking, mountaineering or a simple walking you will enjoy the nature of this area, discovering its endless beauties. Hiking trail of St. John is one of the most beautiful promenades in this area, located near the village of Zuljana, and offers a unique experience of forest peace, intoxicating scents of Mediterranean vegetation, and the view from the top provides an unforgettable view that will surely not leave you indifferent.





The bicycle and the wonderful Pelješac landscapes are an ideal combination for an active vacation. Adventurers and lovers of mountain biking can dare to ride to the hill of St. John ( 469 m above sea level), above the town of Žuljana or take Napoleon's road from Ston to village Ponikve (approx. 9000 m). During this time, families and recreationists can enjoy less demanding but equally interesting trails: the trail from Ston through Vino to Prapratno (approx. 6 km); the path from Ston to the town of Kobaš and the bay Marčuleti (approx. 8 km), the path from Ston via Konštari, Zaton Doli and further towards Slano through coastal villages (approx. 9 km) ....

Use the marked trails, choose the route that suits you best and enjoy all the charms of Pelješac on two wheels. With a beautiful landscape of sea, rocks, forests and untouched nature, these cycling routes will not leave you indifferent!


Map of MTB, Walking and Hiking Trails



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