Among the most valuable items are a fresco with fish-scale motif from the 6th century from the early Christian church of saint Mary Magdalen, the cathedral of Ston's diocese from the early Christion period, and a relief with a depiction of a human face with a crown on his head from the church of saint Michael, dated in the second part of 11th cntury.

Much to be credited with the formation on the Ston Lapidarium in 1955. are the parish priest the Rev. Ante Dracevac and Frano Vlasic, an archaeologist from Ston. Fieldwalking, seeing how plentiful were the interlace ornaments from the churches in Ston and immediate surrounds, they took the fragments they had found, parts of architraves, lintels, pilasters, and rood screens to the parish office. The most valuable and best examples were taken from the Church of Our Lady of Luzina, and a little later from the complex around St Michael's. Alas, the centuries that have elapsed deleted forever the traces of red and blue paint with which the interlacing was originally embellished.

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