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Luka Dubrava Pelješac

Luka Dubrava Pelješac
Luka Dubrava Pelješac
Luka Dubrava Pelješac

Luka Dubrava, with some 60 inhabitants, lies in the vicinity of Ston on the southern Dalmatian peninsula Peljesac, known for excellent wines. The place has developed into a well-known tourist destination thanks to its magnificent coastline. You can find accommodation in rooms and apartments in modern private houses and enjoy the sun on the bay's pebble beach. If interested, you can take a look at the mussels and oysters bred in the bay upon prior arrangement with your host. The whole Ston area is known for its gastronomic specialties, primarily for seafood. Restaurants and konobas (local restaurants) in Ston, as well as wine cellars in the interior, offer a wide variety of magnificently prepared dishes and are an absolute must for gourmands.

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