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Peninsula with the mainland, and extraordinary natural resources, fertile fields with an aboundance of water and salt, the Ston area was settled as early as the prehistoric times.
Mali StonMali Ston
Diverging walls encompass Mali Ston on the north with the tower of Koruna, consisting of four smaller towers resembling a crown, from which it gets its name.
Žuljana is an oasis of peace and beauty, situated in the central-southern part of the peninsula of Pelješac, in a beautiful sandy bay turned towards west. This place was mentioned in written documents from the 12th century for the first time and its name is of Roman origin, after the church of St.Julian.
The small village of Hodilje is located two kilometres north of Ston.
Several islets (Tajan,Kokošari,Lovorikovac and Pučenjak) and shores offer nice opportunities for bathing and sports fishing. The village has a campsite with 400 places and 200 beds are available in private houses.
The cove of Kobas, with a sandy beach and its own marina, is becoming more and more popular among yachting enthusiasts.
High hills and rugged country separate the above described area from the cove, Ponikve. Ponikve is sparsely settled with few hamlets and is situated on a northern hill slope above a large plain that is barely arable.
Toward the interior of the peninsula one finds the picturesque cove of Prapratno, enclosed by clear water and a pebble beach facing the island of Mljet. In front of it on a hill are the ruins of the small church of St Srđ. This 14th century settlement completely died out due to its vulnerability to dangers of the sea.
Putnikovići - DubravaPutnikovići - Dubrava
PUTNIKOVICI, a village in the interior part of the Peljesac Peninsula, 17 km northwest of Ston; elevation 156 m. Chief occupations are farming and livestock breeding.
Based on the number and broce peljesacquality of buildings and artistic works, it appears that the small area of Ston was more expressive then other areas of Peljesac.
Stonska DubaStonska Duba
Important villages within the influence of the old Ston community are Luka Hodilja and Duba Stonska, to the west on the northern coast.
Luka Dubrava PelješacLuka Dubrava Pelješac
Luka Dubrava, with some 60 inhabitants, lies in the vicinity of Ston on the southern Dalmatian peninsula Peljesac, known for excellent wines.
Luka is a small foshing village in the Malostonski Channel, situated in the cove of the same name on the south –estern side of the Kulin peninsual. The cove has many shores and offers a nice view on the Island of Life and Malostonski Bay.
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